one time performance

July 1 2023

21:00-21:45 – Dâmboviţa River: Splaiul Independenței, Izvor Bridge


After having been presented on the Seine in Paris, on the Arno in Florence, and onthe Tiber in Rome, the fluvial show DriFT arrives in Bucharest and turns the Dâmbovița river into a theatre stage.

At first, the public approaches the banks, attracted by a penetrating flute air, and the river then seems inhabited. On the dark water, misterious silhouettes float at night, bewitched by a musician on his perched boat. Like sheepdogs around the flock, three rats surround these silhouettes and bring the stray back into the current. Traces of a disembodied living, human moults, a whole population will then cross the city at night. Where are they going, carried away by the current? What is evacuated in this way, seen from the bridges, seen from the banks, seen from the docks?