200 artists, 8 participating countries, more than 60 performances, 10 locations

The new edition of the International Street Theater Festival Bucharest – B-FIT in the Street! will take place between the 12thand the 14thof Julyand its program will include award-winning shows, first time in Bucharest street theater companies, and in premiere free-running performances. FITSB is a project of the City Hall of Bucharest via ARCUB, and brings, throughout the three festival days, dozens of street theater performances in downtown Bucharest: the University Square, George Enescu Square, the Revolution Square, Odeon Theater Square, Victory Avenue, as well as in the Old City – Saint Anthony Square, Rome Square, French Street, Lipscani Street, Gabroveni Street.

During the eleventh edition of FITSB, more than two hundred artistsfrom France, Romania, Italy, Holland, the Great Britain, Spain, Germany, and Belgiumwill put on shows of acrobatics and juggling, shows on stilts, contemporary dance, street performance, and a spectacular parade which will take place on Saturday, the 13thof July, on Vicotry Avenue, starting from George Enescu Square up to Queen Elisabeth Boulevard.

One of the festival highlights, the Zéro Degréshow from Franceis the first ever free-runningperformanceincluded in the FITSB agenda. Derived from the “parkour” acrobatic movement, the free-running technique is the art of fluid movement in the urban environment, in which the roofs, the balconies, and other apparent limitations become part of the itinerary. Called “the geniuses of the air”, the free-runners of Zéro Degré will make the public discover the city by looking up.The French artists will run, climb, and jump on a distance of half a kilometer on Calea Victoriei, following an itinerary devised according to the particularities of the local architecture.

Taking place in the second July weekend (12-14 July),, the FITSB2019 shows will start with 6 p. m.(except for the first day of the festival, on Friday, the 12thof July, when the shows will start at 7 p.m.) and they will take place simultaneously in several locations in Bucharest, until 11 p.m.

For the festival opening, 11 international street theater troupesanimate streets and squares in downtown Bucharest on Friday, the 12thof July, starting with 7 p.m. The University Squareis the central locationof the opening dayand it hosts a program of shows throughout the evening, from parades on stilts and acrobatic shows, to performances of flag wavers, drummers, and pipers.

The Revolution Squarehosts an award-winning aerial acrobatics show from Germany, while Calea Victoriei(from George Enescu Square to Odeon Small Square) becomes the stage of the free running artists from Zéro Degré.

The other locations of the opening day are in the Old City of the Capital (French Street, Lipscani Street, Gabroveni Street, Rome Square, Saint Anthony Square)and they host acrobatic shows, juggling on bikes and stilts, flag wavers and marching bands.

The International Street Theater – B-FIT in the Street! 2019 continues with the paradeof the festivalscheduled on Saturday, the 13thof July, and with more than sixty performancesof this edition’s artists between the 13thand the 14thof July.