La Grande Phrase

(France) | Compagnie Didier Théron

Didier Théron French company will bring the street show Gonflés/Véhicules to Bucharest, a show which was awarded the First Prize at “Setouchi” International Triennial of Contemporary Art in 2013 in Japan. An original project based on air, which becomes the main element of the creation. Gonflés/Véhicules presents dancers dressed up in costumes full of air, which interact with the surroundings in a strange way. The air in the latex structures of the costumes generates a special dynamics and thus it becomes the creator of a new type of interaction with the public space, with the architecture of the city, and with its dwellers.

After having participating in prestigious festivals and events in Australia, Asia, the United States, and Europe, the artists of the company Didier Théron will come to Bucharest to put on two out of the three performances of the show Gonflés/Véhicules: “La Grande Phrase” and “Air”. Created in 2009, the dancing show “La Grande Phrase” is a colourful invasion of the city, in which “inflated” characters explore the city as well as…its dwellers.