The Whale Street


#streettheather #MobyDick

one time performance

July 1 2023

21:45-22:30 – Calea Victoriei with Regina Elisabeta Boulevard – Splaiul Independenței – United Nations Square 

In The Whale Street, Captain Ahab embarks on a veritable urban odyssey in pursuit of the legendary cetacean. Drifting through the streets of the city, his obsessive quest and desire for revenge seem to lead him to his doom. As the end of his journey draws near, the beast wakes up. The two sides stare at each other: the self idolizing captain and his henchmen are going to brave the chthonian creature.

The show adapts the best-selling Moby Dick on the scale of a city. The different adventures of the story are staged to the rhythm of live music, narrated thanks to the prowess of the circus artists, and the performances of the dancers. The encounter with the legendary creature, its pursuit, and their final battle make the streets of the city the pages of this spectacular novel.